Nintendo Direct Reveals New Smash 4 Info

Posted on April 8, 2014 by Daisuke909

Today’s Nintendo Direct focusing on the new Super Smash Bros games for Wii U and 3DS has been highly anticipated since its announcement, but no one could have predicted the glut of information that teased fans and made the release seem so far off. Out of that information, Zelda has most certainly gotten its fair share, so let’s get started. Keep in mind that these images have been print-screened by this intrepid reporter straight from the stream archive, so you won’t find them anywhere else!

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A New, Nonsensical Twist on the Hero of Time

Posted on April 5, 2014 by Daisuke909

The Esquirebob Animations Youtube channel just recently posted an animation of the classic Legend of Zelda storyline, but with a unique and unusual twist: Link is fat.

It may sound simplistic and silly, but with high quality animation and a fitting original score, it actually has a sense of humor and charm that can be easily appreciated. Be sure to give it a watch if you like offbeat comedy.

If you liked this, you can check out the Esquirebob Animations Youtube channel here where you can find a number of similar gaming animations.

Source: Memebase

SethBling Makes Minecraft a Little More Like Zelda

Posted on March 26, 2014 by Daisuke909

Ever since Minecraft became a thing that people did, Zelda fans have been thinking of creative ways to take elements from the Zelda series and transplant them into Mojang’s indie phenomenon. Well just last week, a very well known Youtube personality, SethBling, figured out a way to make Zelda-style bombs in completely unmodified Minecraft.

Give it a watch to see how it works.

If you like stuff like this in Minecraft, be sure to check out SethBling’s channel here as this is pretty much what he does.

Source: Youtube


The most recent Zelda game was a return to the classic bird’s-eye view of the Super Nintendo days, and few would argue that it was a fantastic Zelda game.

Could it be that this experiment was so successful that a new Zelda game as soon as the very next one could follow in its footsteps? Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma seems to be implying that such a thing could happen in his recent interview with the Official Nintendo Magazine. Check out the original interview here. Here’s what he said:

“I think the top-down view made the ability to enter the wall really interesting. Also, in this game, I feel we’ve found a new direction in regards to the potential use of the good old top-down view for Zelda. It’s the kind of point we will take in good consideration when thinking about the next Zelda game.”

Do you find this to be an exciting prospect? Or are you just itching for a return to behind-the-back 3D? Be sure to give us your input and predictions.

Source: My Nintendo News

And the Award Goes To…

Posted on March 20, 2014 by jlAseThird

As reported this morning by USA TodayThe Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds took home an award at the Game Developers Choice Awards. The GDC Awards, held in San Francisco, titled the game as Best Handheld/Mobile Game of this year. A Link Between Worlds was not the only game that won one of the many awards, so check out the article to see if any of your other favorite games took home an honor. Also, don’t forget to grab yourself a copy of ALBW if you haven’t done so already!

Smooth McGroove Keeps on Churning Out Greatness

Posted on March 15, 2014 by Daisuke909

Look who’s on the homepage again! That’s right, Smooth McGroove has just given us another spectacular one-man acapella of a Zelda song. This time, it’s the dungeon theme from the original NES game.

Mr. McGroove’s work has been consistently amazing, so be sure to leave a like on his channel and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Source: Youtube

Zelda Monopoly Coming This September

Posted on March 5, 2014 by Daisuke909


Many of us have fond memories of the 2006 Nintendo Monopoly board game, or at least memories of how much we wanted it. Well, Nintendo is once again taking a stroll into the world of board games with the announcement of Zelda and Pokemon themed Monopoly games.
Announced by USAopoly at last month’s International Toy Fair, the games will be coming out this September and will retail for $45.
This comes shortly after Iwata’s January announcement that Nintendo would be using character licences in new fields, so maybe we will see more off-beat products like this in the future.

Source: My Nintendo News

Short Gametrailers Video About the Second Quest

Posted on March 1, 2014 by Daisuke909

The folks over at have just recently posted a Zelda-related video in their highly popular Pop Facts series. This one is all about the original NES Game’s second quest, and the subtle Easter Eggs hidden within it. Be sure to give it a watch if you happen to be a fan of Easter Eggs in Zelda.

Okay, sure, everyone knows about this stuff already, but the second quest could use some more recognition. Maybe this will encourage some of you long time fans to delve back into one of Link’s least appreciated, and most difficult adventures.


What Does Zelda Do When Link is Away?

Posted on February 27, 2014 by jlAseThird

Stacey Mason, according to, is working on a very unique project. Said project will be a very interesting twist on the Legend of Zelda series. The game, titled Adventures of Zelda, will give us a look into what our beloved Princess Zelda does while she waits for Link to save the day. The game will be based upon The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and will, according to Mason, explore “the role of women in games and the game industry through its protagonist’s unfulfilled desires.”

Adventures of Zelda does not have a set release date, but keep an eye on Mason’s website for more information about the game’s development. Hopefully we will see a finished product soon that really is just as great as it looks!

Majora’s Mask EP: Waiting For The Dawn

Posted on February 23, 2014 by Skermefaten

Hey there, Zelda fans! Ever wanted to hear Majora’s Mask music in an even more climactic way? Well, now’s your chance! A composer by the name of Rozen has recently released Part I of his Waiting For The Dawn EP titled “The Predicament Of The Four”.

I’ve embedded the music below, but I would highly recommend visiting Rozen’s website for more details and other media!

Thanks to our good friend Darren for the tip!