A Link to the Past

One of the best classic Zelda games, and the only one to hit the SNES, A Link to the Past is still considered a great game even among some of the newer games nowadays. With such a great storyline and setting the standard for what would become known as the Zelda Formula, who could go wrong with this game? (No one, of course)

Link wakes up from a dream of a beautiful princess asking for his help just in time to see his uncle grabbing a sword and shield and heading off to Hyrule Castle. He tells Link to stay in bed and not to worry, but Link knows better, and instead decides to go after his uncle. Link finds his uncle wounded and dying in a secret entrance to the castle. His life lasts long enough to tell Link to take the sword and shield and finish what he could not. Link must again journey to the edges of Hyrule to save it from the evil Ganon.

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Super NES
April 13, 1992
November 21, 1991
September 24, 1992

Other Systems
Game Boy Advance

Developer Info
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo