Affiliation not only benefits us, but benefits you as well; if you decide to affiliate with Zelda Eternity, we will do our best to ensure your site is mentioned regularly in our news updates, feeds, and forums. Obviously, this can help you substantially if you are a young site, but also benefits fairly old ones that already have an active community of their own. We try not to be overly picky about our affiliates, though you do have to meet some select requirements. (Below)

- Perhaps the most important requirement; your site must be updated regularly. As in, it must have content being actively posted, news updates, and at least some articles. We do not want to affiliate with a site whose current purpose is to collect dust; specifically, your site must be updated at least once every two weeks.

- Zelda Eternity tries only to affiliate with Nintendo oriented sites (This includes the Pokemon series, Mario, and other popular Nintendo made games. On top of that, we will also reject your request if you are predominately a forum site, a blogging site, or a personal (premotion) website. While we do make exceptions, it is prefered that your website meet this requirement.

- While we are not bias based one your popularity; in order for us to accept your affiliation request, you need at least a minute level of content. While your pages do not have to be stocked and complete, you must have a few written guides, articles or videos currently being displayed publicly.

- If you are an assertive, rude, gitty webmaster, than that can suffice to a large problem. Do not apply if you are a webmaster who prefers to use threats, bribery, hacking, or profanity to get a specific task done, or increase your website's popularity.

- No inappropriate content such as pornography, cursing, and other grotesque items. We will not even remotely consider your request if you do not meet this requirement.

- Our link should be on every page if we are on your list. It can be either a text link or a button link.

- You should have a decent layout. We will not accept any request for affiliation if it looks like your site was designed in Microsoft Paint, or on Freewebs. As a general rule; if you spent time on the disign and layout, it won't be an issue.

- No illegal content can be on your site such as emulators, roms, pirated programs, torrents, ect. This should be self explanatory.

- We don't care about how many diggs your site has, its forum post count, your Facebook likes, or your mean viewers. (Popularity is not a factor in deciding if we should accept your request for affiliation)

- Lastly, we won't affiliate if you have any stolen content. If you fix that problem, there is a diminutive chance that we shall reconsider - a very minute chance however. Stolen content, in our opinion, is abomible; and we will treat you as a low-life keese for such actions.

If you are affiliating with us and use buttons on your site, below are some buttons you can use. Please save a button and don't hotlink because it wastes our bandwidth.