Majora’s Mask EP: Waiting For The Dawn

Posted on February 23, 2014 by Skermefaten

Hey there, Zelda fans! Ever wanted to hear Majora’s Mask music in an even more climactic way? Well, now’s your chance! A composer by the name of Rozen has recently released Part I of his Waiting For The Dawn EP titled “The Predicament Of The Four”.

I’ve embedded the music below, but I would highly recommend visiting Rozen’s website for more details and other media!

Thanks to our good friend Darren for the tip!


In the January 2014 issue of Game Informer, the magazine featured an interview with the director of A Link Between Worlds, Hiromasa Shikata. The interview hit many popular points of discussion. For example, Shikata was able to confirm that future Zelda games won’t necessarily run at 60 fps like A Link Between Worlds did. He also stated his hopes thatĀ fans will accept further changes to the Zelda formula similar to A Link Between Worlds’ item rental system.

The most notable question, however, was regarding the references to Majora’s Mask in the 3DS game, to which Shikata responded,

[Having Majora's Mask in Link's house] was a special request from Aonuma’s production team. Now why would they ask us to do that?

This statement naturally caught the attention of Majora’s Mask’s fanbase, as it seemed to tease that Aonuma’s team is working on something Majora’s Mask related.

I’ll leave the speculation to you guys.

Source: Game Informer, NeoGAF

Official Video of Aonuma’s NYCC Presentation Released

Posted on October 23, 2013 by Daisuke909

Just this week, Nintendo released the official video of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma’s presentation at the New York Comic Con, focusing almost entirely on A Link Between Worlds.

Be warned, the video and following discussion contain spoilers.

In the video, we got to see some examples of the game’s new mechanics in action, as well as some discussion on the difficulty curve, and some insight into the development of the 3D world. Aonuma even through in a nonchalant hint about the future of Majora’s Mask.

This is something that I wanted to post during Wind Waker month, but given how it’s not relevant to The Wind Waker, couldn’t until today. Of course, I think it’s still worth sharing with you guys! In this video, the greatest movie star of all time stars in N64 classic, Majora’s Mask, making everything in the game at least twice as disturbing! Watch your sanity as you watch The Legend of Cage: Beneath the Mask.

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Hello, Zelda Eternity readers. The Majora’s Mask Opera, a project that was announced quite a while ago and has lost practically no steam since is still going strong, but it has come to the attention of the general public that recently it has run into some difficulties. What could these difficulties be? More importantly, how can you help? Fortunately, the duo in charge of the project has released a video detailing their turmoil and difficulties, as well as listing their needs for the project to continue.

For the musically inclined among our female viewership (shut up, it exists!), the project is currently seeking a soprano to help produce another demo. If you wish to have an incredibly nerdy spotlight shined on you and be adored by thousands of Zelda fans from all over the world (probably), then watch the video below to find out how all this could be yours! They’re also in need of a voice for Majora, so if your voice resembles a maniacal and omnipotent child and you can carry a tune, then please, tune in! Or, if you simply want to donate to further the project, do the same! You know what, just watch the video– it’s better at this “explaining” thing than I am…

How to Survive the Mayan Apocalypse – The Zelda Way!

Posted on December 21, 2012 by SpaghettiWeegee

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the last day of your pathetic human existence! Not to suggest that my human existence isn’t equally pathetic, but… Well, let’s not be so introspective at such an important time. Now’s not the time to mope about how pathetic our respective hominid lives have been! Now’s the time for ACTION!

Contained within this post is your very own Zelda-themed apocalypse survival guide (now don’t you feel lucky?)! Before setting out to combat the forces of evil that will invariably begin pouring out when the earth cracks open to ravage the earth of all life, I’d recommend grabbing a sword from either an old swordsman on your island, a friendly local blacksmith, or out of a secret forest grove with rocks perpetually rolling around in it (hey, you can’t start out with the master sword– that comes later!). Next, grab a shield. It’s probably going to be wooden, which won’t help much against fire breathing demons, but you can upgrade to a metal shield whenever you’ve collected enough rupees (stop being impatient!). Finally, for the love of all that is good, pick up a strategy guide (or read the ones we’ve carefully assembled on this very site)! That’s just my opinion, however– if you want to hear the experts chime in, hit the jump button!

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Hey, all! You know what I don’t like? War, famine, death, pestilence, poor game design, and internet trolls, but most of all I don’t like long-dead ancient people making predictions about where and when our modern, advanced society is going to end. Nevertheless, some culture decided that this is exactly what they’d do (to upset me, no doubt), and so the newest conspiracy theory to come out of the Mayans (apart from tearing out the heart of a virgin will appease the heathen gods) is that the world is going to end in a paltry 72 hours… Hey, that sounds familiar…

Turns out, I’m not the only clever bum in the Zelda community, and other fans have recognized this correlation as well! Yes, Terrible Fate recently surfaced and serves as a countdown to the end of the Mayan calendar. Join Terrible Fate as they wait out the last few days of life on Earth in full celebration of the greatest series of video games ever– no, wait, just Majora’s Mask, actually. Still, the thematics at play here are quite compelling.

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Majora – Demo #5: Trio – Anju, the Postman and Anju’s Mother

Posted on August 13, 2012 by SpaghettiWeegee

We here at ZE try to remain diligent with our news posting, however, in the rush to prepare for our recently passed marathon, we may have missed a few items of note, such as the following, the 5th demo to the popular Majora’s Mask Opera project! This demo features a trio– Anju, Anju’s Mother, and… The Postman?! Who knew he had such a beautiful singing voice. I always assumed he’d be more of an interpretive dancer than a musical theater aficionado, but I suppose it’s an artistic choice, here… Anyway, you can watch the demo below! And I mean directly below. Seriously, there it is. Just click on it. It’s so easy, a Postman could do it.

Any thoughts? Criticisms? Favorite parts? There’s a lot to dissect here, so I’m sure enthusiasts (who haven’t already watched it since its initial release date on July 31st) will have a blast picking it apart. Don’t get too crazy– we need it to remain mostly in-tact if this project is ever to come to full fruition.

And that’s it from me. Weegee, out!

This has been on our forums for a few days now, but I believe that, given the large population of Majora’s Mask fans in the Zelda Eternity community, it warrants a front page feature. According to composer, M. Bulteau, this is the “Instrumental for the longest dance sequence in the opera, a pot-pourri of several themes. Some harder to find when it gets dense.” To those with keen ears (and a lot of free time), see if you can find them all!

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Fake Majora’s Mask HD Trailer

Posted on June 9, 2012 by Falcool

This is a fake Majora’s Mask HD Trailer that was released around E3, so well-timed in fact, that many people thought it was real. It’s REALLY well animated, and well-made in general, so it’s pretty much a must to check out. The creators are saying that they want to propose this to Nintendo, so please do watch and “like” the video if you want an HD remake. I think it’s interesting, because it’d be the first 3D Console remake they’d do, and that could turn into something quite awesome. I think I’d rather want MM remake on 3DS and a new HD Zelda on Wii U though.