Dynasty WarriorsxZelda?! Hyrule Warriors (name not final) Announced!

Posted on December 18, 2013 by SpaghettiWeegee

If yesterday you told me Link would soon star in a crossover between The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, I would have laughed you out from under the bridge I call my home. I’m certainly glad you didn’t because that would cause me to feel very embarrassed today, as that very thing was just announced on Nintendo Direct!

Don’t believe me? The following trailer should hush your doubting lips.

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Looking For a Great Halloween Costume?

Posted on September 27, 2013 by jlAseThird

Although Halloween is a little over a month away, many people are starting to look now for the perfect costume. One costume that Zelda fans may want to consider is this one made by RedstarCosplay. The costume, which is being sold on Etsy.com, will set you back $89 before shipping, but this outfit (which comes in multiple colors and sizes) definitely looks like a costume that will turn heads this year and many more Halloweens!

The Legend of Zelda DLC Featured In Monster Hunter 4

Posted on September 9, 2013 by Kasid

mh4zeldaThe upcoming Monster Hunter 4 for the Nintendo 3DS will include via download a whole set of Link’s clothing and equipment. As seen in the picture above, the player can first off set their character to appear as the Hero with a full-fledged tunic. Then, weapon-wise, “Link” can either have a Master Sword/Hylian Shield combo, or, if the character is a long-range attacker, they will have Link’s bow (which, I might add, looks quite intense).

If you play the video, you can watch the introduction of the Zelda DLC. Enjoy!

Review – Symphony of the Goddesses: Second Quest

Posted on September 3, 2013 by Elias

The Stage is Set
People of Zelda Eternity, hear me: If you ever get the chance to attend the Symphony of the Goddesses concert, jump on it. I can guarantee you that it will be one of the greatest experiences of any Zelda fan’s life. This past June, I had the privilege of attending Symphony of the Goddesses: Second Quest in Austin, Texas. I did not have the opportunity to go to the first quest, or season, so I didn’t exactly know what to expect from the experience. I was not, however, disappointed. What follows is a review of the show and my experience at it.

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Update Wind Waker HD Look

Posted on August 15, 2013 by alanmsk

If you have visited GenGame recently you may have noticed that they have posted an update concerning Wind Waker HD! The article, found here, features before and after screenshots of Wind Waker HD! It seems by the screenshots posted that Nintendo has reduced the amount of Bloom lighting in the game, making it not as bright as before but still giving it the HD look and feel. Here, let me show an example GenGame posted:

WiiU_ZeldaWW_scrn01_E3 tww-hd-less-bloom-1

Before and after! The screenshots were officially released by The Wind Waker HD site, found here . I think the updated look was a good idea for the game, but I can appreciate both styles in the end. All in all I am excited for the game to come out!

What do you think about the updated screenshots? Let us know in the comments below!

New Wind Waker HD Footage

Posted on August 10, 2013 by jlAseThird

On August 7th, GamesHQMedia uploaded a video on YouTube featuring some great Wind Waker HD footage. The video shows off some awesome graphics that are much smoother and more detailed. The changes in lighting are especially notable while Link is on water and at the Forsaken Fortress. The bright sunlight casts an almost angelic glaze over Link and the King of Red Lions, while the Moblins’ lanterns cast an eerie, yet noticeable warmer, glow upon the area. The colors are also more prominent and richer, as can be seen in the small clip where everyone’s favorite (and least favorite) character Tingle greets Link with colorful confetti.

The video also reveals some tweaks to the gameplay. These include an adjustment to the Triforce Shard collection sequence, as well as sped up “Wind Waker actions”. Sailing will also be slightly different, as you will be able to have more control over the speed. From the footage, it can also be noted that items can be equipped to the Y, X, and R buttons, and that the directional pad will most likely be used for the Wind Waker, cannon, and the boat’s grappling hook.

So after viewing the footage, what are your thoughts about this new and updated look? What are you most looking forward to about the game itself?

Did You Know Gaming? Reveals Interesting Wind Waker Fact

Posted on August 9, 2013 by Daisuke909

On August 7th, the folks at “Did You Know Gaming?” made a post to their website regarding the ChuChu enemies from The Wind Waker, particularly their unusual sounds. Apparently, the sounds heard when fighting the ChuChu enemies is actually an argument between two Japanese men sped up and played backwards!

Did You Know Gaming? Entry

Who would’ve guessed that this enemy got its sound effects from such an unusual source?  Be sure to check out the “Did You Know Gaming?” website here, and subscribe to their Youtube channel for more awesome gaming trivia.

Zelda Wii U Might Be Shown Later This Year

Posted on June 14, 2013 by Emhave

Zelda-Wii-UWith E3 and big announcements behind us, and Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds ahead of us, many fans are still wondering when we’ll see the upcoming Wii U Zelda game. Most people would probably not expect the first trailer until next year’s E3, but in a recent interview with GamesIndustry, Zelda creator Shigeru Miyamoto stated that we could expect see Zelda Wii U very soon, perhaps even before the end of the year.

You can read an extract from the interview below.

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Today during their E3 Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata unveiled a brand new trailer for The Wind Waker HD, also confirming that to be its title.  The remake will feature multiple new features, including a “speed up” button which allows you to travel faster while sailing the Great Sea.  In addition to using the GamePad to access your inventory at ease, it will also be used for the “Tingle Bottle”, to replace the Tingle Tuner.  Using the Tingle Bottle will allow you to post messages to Miiverse, and will wash up on the shore of other players’ games.  The Wind Waker HD was also confirmed to release in October this year.  Hit the jump to see the trailer!

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Shortly after the E3 Nintendo Direct ended, Nintendo uploaded a Youtube trailer for “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds”, formerly known as A Link to the Past 2 and Zelda 3DS! The trailer features a lot of new things, such as new locations,  the Fire Rod, a Fairy Fountain and two Pieces of Heart.  There was no information about when the game will be out, but I am really glad I can finally refer to this upcoming Zelda game with an official title!

A Link Between Worlds

Click “Read More” to check out the trailer below!

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