Spirit Tracks: Site Walkthrough - Chapter 8
Walkthrough Chapters
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> Part 1: Cooling Goron Village
      Find the Chief!
      Fetching Mega Ice
      Duet with Embrose
> Part 2: More Collecting
      Tons of Force Gems & Rabbits
> Part 3: Tower of Spirits Round Four
      Entering the Fire Temple
      Getting the Bow
      Finding the Big Key
      Cragma, Lava Lord
Part One: Cooling Goron Village

From the Tower of Spirits, you're going to have to enter the Snow Realm before entering the Fire Realm. The tracks directly to the Fire Realm from the Tower aren't restored yet. So, head to the Snow Realm and quickly turn your course to the extreme east of the Realm. Once there, there will be a huge eruption coming from the mountain in the center of the Realm. This looks scary, but it's actually extremely harmless - the fireballs can't hurt you. Plot a course for the big town at the end of the tracks to the east, and stop there.

Find the Chief

Welcome to Goron Village, home of a race of rock-eating men who, given the history of New Hyrule, have absolutely zero business being here. But I digress. The town has been ravaged by lava spurts, blocking the residents from seeing each other. This catastrophe is up to you to fix, as always. See the exit at the west of the town? Go here to find the Chief Kagoron.

Plant a bomb in its mouth.
Continue heading west in this map until you reach the onslaught of boulders. They may seem intimidating, but passing the boulders is a pretty easy task - just cling to the walls. Try to do most of your passing when the boulders are coming one at a time. Continue heading up the stairs until you see a purple switch. But don't hit it just yet! Grapple across the two grappling hooks, and continue going north. Up here are Fire Babas, and they can only be defeated with bombs. Carefully and swiftly grapple acoss this pole, and toss a few bombs nearby the Fire Babas. Nearby will be the next stamp station, so stamp to your heart's content, and get right out of there. Head back to where you saw the purple switch. This switch will open a bridge you need to cross later on, but it's timed, so make sure you're ready! Poise in front of the two grappling poles nearby, then take out your boomerang and hit the switch. Grapple across the poles, and cross the bridge. You should make it with some time to spare. Continue along the path and enter the big entrance to your north.

Here will be the great Chief Kagoron. He'll tell you about the Fire Sanctuary and the troubles that have befallen Goron Village. He tells you he has some work to finish first, but that you should get your train ready for his gift. Wonderful. Exit the Chief's chamber and head east this time. Grapple across the two poles, and open the chest for a piece of treasure. Head south and exit this part of the map. Head towards your train.

A goron will be pushing out a brand spankin' new freight train for your cargo-ing needs. Sweet. Kagoron will tell you to use the freight train to bring the town something cold to cool down the lava. Cold... where do we know cold things to come from? Hop on your train and make a visit to the Snow Realm.

Fetching Mega Ice

Head to Anouki Village in the south of the Realm, and look for a blue-clad Anouki hanging out in the front of the town. He'll tell you he needs a lift to a clear, cool spring, because the water here in Anouki has been contaminated. Agree to take him onto your train, and set a course for Wellspring Station in the west. On this trip, there'll be more Sir Frosties than normal, so keep your eye out and keep your passenger safe.

Once in Wellspring, the Anouki passenger will be pleased with the spring you brought him to, and says he'll get right to work on producing that Mega Ice. For your efforts, he'll award you with a Force Gem- our 13th! The Anouki Merchant needs time to produce the ice, however. So what do we do in this situation? Head inside the trailor for some R&R ourselves, of course! Exit immediately and the Mega Ice will be ready for transport. Buy the Ice for 25 rupees and shove off for Goron Village.

Freight items all have different properties to them that make the trip challenging. Mega Ice in particular melts when you travel with it outside the Snow Realm. You will start with 20 units, and as you travel though the Fire Realm, different obstacles will dwindle that unit size. Enemies will attempt to knock the ice out of your freight car, and the naturally hot climate of the Realm will melt your ice. To make this more difficult, you can't simply make a straight course for Goron Village - a Dark Train is stationed to prevent you from doing so. So head up into the maze north of Goron Village and avoid the two dark trains. But don't take too long! You still need to get some Ice to the Village.

Once you finally reach Goron Village, talk to Kagoron and tell him you have the Ice he needs. He and his Goron Villagers will dump the Ice where they need it. Hooray! Village saved, hero. Now you can go talk to the Goron Elder in the biggest house in the very north of the town. Talk to him until he lets you in the door behind him. Time to enter the Fire Sanctuary.

Duet with Embrose

As soon as you enter, there will be a couple of your dear friends, the Fire Keese. Now you can take care of these in one hit with the Whip. Follow the path north and grapple across the lava. Refuel any lost hearts or bombs with these pots nearby, especially if you took on the Fire Babas from before. Step on the switch to activate two bridges - one across this closest lava pit and one across the lava pit we saw just a bit ago. Head across both pits and continue moving east. Cling to the wall when the path gets narrow - you won't fall off if you're careful.

Here there will be a collection of pots - but don't just start slashing! Inside three of the pots are Like Likes. Check which ones by waiting for them to shake in trembling excitement in anticipation for your demise. I recommend taking care of these with the Whip - it's a lot faster and easier than the Boomerang. Once defeated, continue along the path (don't go up the stairs just yet!) and open this chest for a piece of treasure. Go back to the stairs and ascend.

The eruption we saw when we first entered the Fire Realm continues here, so watch your step. Defeat the Fire Keese and the Fire Babas. Careful, though - the Fire Babas disguise themselves as bomb flowers, so don't get tricked. Make your way around the corner and take care of all the Fire Babas using bombs. Backtrack and use the Boomerang to light all of the unlit torches. The source flame will be at the very north of this area, where the U-turn is. Once all the torches are lit, three bridges appear. Head up the stairs to your left and cross the southernmost bridge. Head north (open the chest for more treasure!), then cross the longest, northernmost bridge for the next stamp station! Jump off this ledge right behind the station and head east.

Read the slab in the center of this area. The slab tells the story of two men who fell in love with a beautiful woman. One of these men was very popular, and had all the attention from the ladies, but his affections laid solely with this woman. Tragically, this woman had her heart set on another man. The rivalry for her love was said to be so strong that it created sparks hot enough to melt stone. But in the end the two men forged a friendship that shone like a beacon, uniting the pair. A strange story, indeed, but it's your clue to opening the door to Embrose!

One man was always the center of attention. Most of the statues are facing the statue in the middle. This middle statue is staring at the statue to his north. However, the one to his north is facing the one to his right. The middle statue and the statue to his right are the two men, and they have a beacon of friendship. Play the Song of Light between the two statues to unlock a crystal light, which will open the door to Embrose.

Agree to play the duet with Embrose. This one is more difficult than the last, but it's still do-able. The notes are Purple, Yellow, Purple, Yellow, and then Turquoise, so you have to skip one note to get to the Turquoise note. Keep practicing until you get it right. Once you successfully complete the song, more tracks will be restored in the Fire Realm! Fantastic.

Embrose tells you to go talk to the other villagers before progressing, so go back to the Village and talk to the Goron Elder. He tells you that there are three keys to the Fire Temple, and three monsters have stolen the keys. Head into the house to the left and discover that the monsters hate when you make one short noise, then one long noise. That's all the help we need from the villagers for now! But don't start collecting the keys just yet. We have a couple things we can do now that we have everything situated in Goron Village.

Part Two: More Collection

Tons of Force Gems & Rabbits

This part of the walkthrough is entirely optional and can be skipped. You will require a lot of time, patience, and rupees to complete this quest, so make sure you're entirely prepared before moving on.

Goron Village/Wellspring Station

Because you have the freight car now, you can complete a whole bunch of new Force Gem quests and, by proxy, get more rabbits! First, here in Goron Village, there is a Goron on the east end of the Village whose house is blocked by lava. He asks you to bring him more Mega Ice so he can finally go home. Agree, and set a course for Wellspring Station to fetch more Mega Ice. Transport it safely back to Goron Village with at least 10 units of ice, and recieve a Force Gem that unlocks a few things in the south of the Realm.

Fire Overworld

Before checking out the tracks we just restored with the last Force Gem, head north to that maze we navigated before. The Dark Trains are now gone, so we can nab a couple rabbits we couldn't get before. Their locations are as follows:

Mountain Rabbit #2: From Goron Village, head west, south, west, north, and east. When the tracks turn north again, the rabbit will be on that corner.
Mountain Rabbit #3: From rabbit #3, head north, east, north, take the first turn east, and the rabbit will be on the corner when the tracks turn north.
Desert Rabbit #1: Head immediately south from the Goron Target Range, and it'll be on the first corner.

Just west of this last rabbit is our third Warp Gate (C). Activate this gate to warp to the Ocean Realm.

Papuchia Village/Castle Town

We haven't visited yet, but in Castle Town, there is a woman who really wants a whole truckload of fish. Don't ask questions - just talk to the Fish Merchant in Papuchia and ask for a freight train full of fish. She'll gladly oblige. Do your delivery boy duties and bring the lady in Castle Town as much fish as she can ever eat. Careful, though - fish goes bad when it's out in the sun for too long. Deliver swiftly and don't let any enemies attempt to steal your cargo. Once you deliver, the lady will be so grateful that she'll award you with another Force Gem. This one uncovers the last Grass Rabbit and the eighth Ocean Rabbit! Fantastic.

Castle Town/Aboda Village

Don't leave Castle Town just yet, though - go to the house with all of the Cuccos and talk to the man. He'll agree to sell you a few of his prize Cuccos. Back when we were in Aboda, you may remember a villager who wants to raise Cuccos. Board your train and head on over to Aboda. As long as you keep your Cuccos safe from enemies, you shouldn't lose any along the way. Arrive in Aboda and talk to the man. He's grateful, but he'd actually like to raise a total of ten Cuccos. Resist the urge to pull your hair out and make a second trip to Castle Town to fetch the man the rest of his Cuccos. This time, he'll be grateful for your deed and will reward you with a Force Gem. This one is a shortcut, for the most part, but it also contains another Warp Gate (D). The Gate connects the Fire Realm to the Forest Realm. Fantastic.

If you've been following along, you should have a total of 15 Stamps by now, so head to Niko's house for your next prize. He'll give you the Engineer's Clothes we were wearing at the beginning of the game. Neat. With that done with, head to the Gate we unlocked before and warp back to the Fire Realm.

Goron Village/Whittleton Village

We could have gotten this quest done before, but now that we have Warp Gate D uncovered, the trip will be a lot easier. Head to the extreme western area of Goron Village and buy some Iron from the merchant here. If you remember, the folks in Whittleton are in great need of some iron. Get on your train and use the Warp Gate we just activated to warp back to the Forest Realm. Plot a course for Whittleton, and deliver the Iron. Easy! This Force Gem simply creates a shortcut in the Forest Realm - nothing all that spectacular.

Forest/Ocean Overworld

Now that we're nearby, we should nab a couple of Rabbits we neglected to get before. Go east from Whittleton and take the last turn north. Continue heading east until right before the Ocean Realm. The last Grass Rabbit is nearby. Continue moving east and you'll enter the Ocean Realm - not there's not a lot of space here for you to work with! The eighth Ocean Rabbit is near here as well, so nab that and head back to the Forest Realm and stop back in Whittleton.

Whittleton Village/Anouki Village

The Anouki are in need of some lumber, so talk to the Merchant and buy some for transport. But don't go straight to Anouki just yet unless you wanna waste some valuable time. The Anouki also need a carpenter to work with their lumber. The last we saw of the carpenter, we had delivered him to the Trading Post. Plot a course there and pick him up. Use Warp Gate A just north of Whittleton to be dropped off right near Anouki. The villager will be very grateful, and will award you with a Force Gem. This gem unlocks something we've never seen before - a minidungeon - as well as another Snow Rabbit.

Snow Overworld/Aboda Village

The next Snow Rabbit is hanging out by the corner right before you turn north on the tracks we just restored. However, keep heading north to discover the Snowdrift Station, a hidden dungeon with a bunch of treasure and rupees and useful things! We already have the Snowdrift Station all mapped out for you in our Minidungeon Guide, so head there for some treasure and other goodies.

While we're here, we should probably go save Ferrus from the cold wasteland that is the Snow Realm, shouldn't we? If you've been checking your mail, you should have gotten a letter from Ferrus showing his location. Ferrus is near the Snow Temple, but to the southeast. He can be hard to spot, but you should hear the clicking of his camera when he gets close. He'll tell you he wants to find the great Alfonzo, engineering extraordinaire. Agree to take him to Alfonzo, who's in Aboda Village. Ferrus was, in fact, mistaken about Alfonzo's legacy, but he'll be grateful nonetheless. You'll receive the next Force Gem.

Papuchia Village

Speak to the fortune teller in town and tell her you're having some bad luck. For the low low price of 50 rupees, she has just the thing to rid you of your misfortune. Buy the useless piece of junk I mean priceless charm. However, we're not going to keep it for ourselves. No, we know of just the person who needs it. You need to transport the big behemoth to the Snow Sanctuary. Use Warp Gate B east of Papuchia to warp to the Snow Realm. Be careful, though - any attacks whatsoever will irreparably damage the vessel and will require you to start over. Once in the Snow Sanctuary, Steem will be grateful for your deed and will award you with a Force Gem. This one unlocks a Minigame in the north of the Snow Realm. We've already outlined how to succeed at this minigame here, so head on over for some treasure.

That's all we can collect for the time being, so ride back to the Fire Realm to start the Fire Temple process.

Part Three: Fire Temple

Entering the Fire Temple

Three monsters have stolen the keys to the Fire Temple, and its our job to take those keys back. The monsters fly in a path that is pre-determined and made apparent with little arrows. This makes their path easy to track. If you try to chase the monsters, they will fly faster, so try to face them head on. Once you're close enough, blow the horn short once, then again longer. Remember the Goron's advice: Gon-gorooooooooon. The monster will be frozen solid in fear for a second, so quickly fire a cannonball to steal back the key.

The monsters will be dazed for a few seconds after you attack, but they will get back up and chase you. The process doesn't differ much between the keys, but the last one can be difficult to nab because of the other free-roaming monsters chasing you. Get all three keys and the door to the Fire Temple will open. Easy enough! Head on in and prepare yourself for the next Temple.

Getting the Bow

Whip without mercy!
As soon as you enter, take care of both Fire Keese with your Whip or Boomerang, and go left. In the north area here, there will be two rotating fire wheels. Simply wait for the right opportunity to cross, and head counterclockwise. Make sure to avoid the spikes (not that it's a huge obstacle), then head south. The door will close behind you, and three skeletons will be sitting pretty in this small chamber. Step near the nearest one, and it'll pop up in a whirlwind of magic! These are Stalfos, and they can be defeated as of now with bombs or with your Whip. Continue whipping the poor fellow until he's nothing but a head bouncing around, and then grab his head with your Whip and throw it towards a wall. Defeat the other two the same way, and the two doors will open.

In this next area, there will be a bunch of trap doors. If you read the slab, it will tell you the same trap doors will be mirrored on the other side of this floor. And so they are! Mark where the trap doors are on your map, and transcribe them over to the eastern side of the map.

Also in this room are a bunch of Moldola, and they cannot be destroyed by any attacks. Think of them like slow pedestrians - annoying, but you can't just tread over them. Head up the stairs to the north of this area to get to the next floor.

This floor features a bunch of minecar tracks - pretty neat, really. Hop on board the first minecart and ride it to the end of its track to receive a key. Jump back on the minecart and head back downstairs.

Descend down the stairs and head south, then go all the way north and up the stairs to the higher platform. Hit the switch and grab the little tile. Run all the way to the right and throw the tile onto the mini-volcano. This creates a pathway into the right part of the room. Push the cube into the fire coming from the east, until you can head south. You should have these trapdoors marked down, but if not... Head south, take the second left, go north and take the last left, go south and take the last right to get some treasure. Then take the last left and head up the stairs.

Hop right into the minecart and hit the first switch you see with your sword. This switches your track to another course. Immediately hit the next switch you see and you'll be dropped off right in front of a Stalfos. Take care of it with your Whip, and open the chest for another key! You should have two at this point. Backtrack back to where you entered this floor, and go up the stairs.

Head to the center of this floor where you'll see two locked doors and one blue door. Unlock both doors and stand between them. Use your boomerang to trace a path that will hit both switches. The blue door will descend, so head on up.

Use Moldola to daze 'em.
Miniboss time! This monster, called a Heatoise, can be conquered in one way at this point in the game - use the two Moldola around the perimeter of the room. The Heatoise attacks by curling up into its shell and sending itself your way. Stand in front of where a Moldola will be in about a second, and send the Heatoise running into the Moldola. This will daze it for a few seconds, so head over and attack its head while you can. It'll take many hits to vanquish, so be patient and quick on your feet.

Once you've defeated the miniboss, a chest will appear. What could the dungeon item be this time, you might ask? Why, the Bow, of course, if that wasn't made abundantly clear by the section title. The door you need to progress is now unlocked, so continue right.

Finding the Boss Key

To the left of the door is a switch that can only be activated via arrow. Fire an arrow into it. This will unlock a bridge, so head across and go up the stairs. Up here, there'll be a gap you can't quite cross yet, and a silver arrow-shooter. These objects redirect an arrow 90 degrees, so your bow has more angles it can shoot from. Fire an arrow into the silver redirector and it'll shoot into another redirector, which will shoot into an arrow-switch. Nifty. Head across the bridge it creates.

Grab the redirector and throw it across the gap to your left. If you haven't discovered it yet, you can change the direction of the redirector to fit your needs. Hit the redirector with your Boomerang until it's facing north, then fire an arrow into it. A bridge will be activated. Throw the redirector again, this time over the next gap to your north. Make sure it's facing left this time, then fire another arrow. This will create the last bridge you need, so head across and go up the stairs.

Simply go right back up the next flight of stairs. You can't do anything here yet. In this next floor, you'll be met with a bunch of Stalfos, all across gaps too wide to do any damage with the Whip. But never fear! You can use your bow to take care of each Stalfos with a mere three hits. Easy stuff! The door to the south will open, so head through.

Take out your bow and aim it at the redirector to your left. This will deactivate the lava spewing to your right. Quickly take out your Whip and grapple across the three poles before time runs out. Head north and take care of the Stalfos. Carefully jump across the four platforms and onto the ledge to the very right of this floor. Open the chest for some treasure, then grapple across the poles, and step on the switch to open the door.

Carefully follow this path, avoiding the moving fans so they don't push you off. Head right at the end and open the chest for some treasure. You should see a Fire Keese flying around two unlit torches. Give you any ideas? Make sure you hit the Fire Keese first, then go for the two torches. Once lit, a tile will descend on the minvolcano, allowing you to pass to the next floor.

Continuing with the long-standing Nintendo tradition of psychological torture, in this next room will be two of the miniboss you defeated earlier on in this dungeon - the Heatoise. This time, they can be defeated in a frustratingly simple fashion. Just fire two arrows at their heads! That's right - they fall with only two hits now. Read the four slabs. In a frustratingly complicated way, they're trying to tell you that the order of the arrow-switches above are as follows: second switch, first switch, fourth switch, third switch. Remember that, and go up the stairs to the next floor.

Defeat the two Stalfos and go north to grab the arrow redirector. Situate it in front of the blue door. Make sure it's facing left. Step on the switch to lower the door, and fire an arrow into the director. A tile will fall from the heavens, so grab it and place it on the minivolcano we saw nearby the redirector. Grab the redirector and ride the tile up to the next part of the room.

Place the director onto the easternmost hole in the floor. Hit the purple switch nearby, and grab the next redirector. Place it on the southernmost hole in the ground, and make sure it faces northeast. Grab the tile from the minivolcano and place it on the last hole. Stand on the tile and hit the purple switch with an arrow. Fire an arrow into the redirector to your southeast and fire another arrow into the switch in front of you. The blue door in the corner of this room will open, so head on over to open a chest with a small key inside! We've been needing this all along. Head down the stairs in the center of this floor by using the grappling pole we unlocked before.

Unlock the door to your left and hop into the minecart. Here's where the order we discovered before comes in handy. Remember: Shoot the second switch first, then the first, then the fourth, then the third. You may have to go around in the minecart a few times before you get it right. Once you do, the minecart will dump you out near a staircase, but we have some business to take care of first.

Get back into the cart and ride along until you see a purple switch in the southwest corner of the room. Hit it with an arrow and the minecart track will dump you out in front of the stamp station. Stamp your book, and get right back on the minecart. Head down the stairs to the next floor.

You'll see the Big Key in this room in the northeast. Finally! Bomb the boulder nearby to get a tile. Then run over to your left and look at the notice on the wall. Mark where the little explosion marks are. These mark where you need to hit the purple switches. Go back over to the tile and place it on the minivolcano and jump into the minecart. Hit the first switch you see, skip the second, hit the third. The cart will dump you off onto another platform.

Go north a bit and grapple across the lava to get a random piece of treasure. Backtrack back to the original platform and head south a little bit until you see the Big Key. Use your Whirlwind to knock it off its pedastal into its own minecart. Go north and west, and jump into your own minecart. Both carts will be parallel to each other, so what you do to one track will be done to the other. Make sure you hit all of the switches you need to hit.

Hit the first, hit the second, skip the third, and shoot an arrow into the fourth so that both you and the big key will be dumped out onto the same platform. Drop the Big Key into the Boss Door and head on through!

Cragma, Lava Lord

Refuel in this intermediate room and do your pre-boss dance or whatever it is you do to prepare for a big battle. Head on through whenever you're ready!

Fire Temple Boss
Cragma - Lava Lord

Cragma will begin his assault by attempting to crush you with his fist. This is easily avoidable if you make use of the roll, but you have other objectives in mind - activate your bow and shoot at the yellow glowing spot that appears on Cragma just above the lava line. He will then join his massive fists together and try to crush you this way - again, simply roll out of the way. However, his attack will send boulders crashing down onto the arena! Avoid these with swift movements. You will notice one boulder remains intact after the shower - bait Cragma to crush it by hanging out near the boulder until he decides to gear up an attack. Out of the boulder will appear a portable stepping stone! Carry this over to the right of the screen, where you will see a mine car. Use the stepping stone to climb into the mine car.

Activate your bow and aim it towards Cragma. Shoot any glowing yellow areas. As you nab these weak spots, you'll climb higher in your cart and eventually reach Cragma's eye. Aim one last arrow, and Cragma will be sent down, baring his number one weak spot - the top of his head. Slash mercilessly, and the cycle will start all over again with Cragma trying to smash you yet again with his fists. You will need to stock up on arrows at this point. Extra arrows and hearts will be released from the falling boulders. Use the strategy from before, and Cragma will fall in no time.

With Cragma defeated at last, the red force gem will descend and restore the tracks to the Tower of Spirits. The Fire Temple has been freed of all evil, thanks to your heroism. Pick up your well-deserved heart container and head on down to the station lobby at the bottom of the temple. Time to continue our quest!