Staff Openings
To help Zelda Eternity blossom, we need volunteers from dedicated Zelda fans. If you are interested in joining ZE's elite force of site staff, then please read below and send us an application! We've provided an application format at the bottom of the page.

Positions Available
News Writer: These are the folks that get their name on the front page consistently, sometimes even everyday for spans of time. They're the backbone of the activity here at Zelda Eternity. As a News Writer, you could be the reason people log in everyday.


- Must be willing to post everyday if necessary.
- Must be able to set time aside to seek out articles/sources to cite for news.
- Must have good writing skills.
- Must be willing to coordinate posts with other news writers.

To Apply: Please e-mail us by clicking here. If we require a sample, we will tell you.
Video Specialist: In this position you will be recording a series of videos demonstrating complete walkthroughs, boss battles, sidequests, and other parts of a specific Zelda game in a visual format. The Video Specialist will be dealing primarily with video walkthroughs, but can also be tasked with the job of acquiring pictures for written guides.


- This job requires a large amount of Zelda game experience.
- It is highly recommended that you have some sort of a video capture card. Zelda Eternity personally recommends the Dazzle®.
- While it is optional, you should be well acquainted with video editing softwares such as Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas.
- While it is optional, you should also be familiar with audio editing programs.
- You may be required to narrate and provide commentary on Zelda games.

To Apply: Please e-mail us by clicking here. Applications should include a small sample video (at most 5 minutes) showing us your capture quality for any 3D video game.
Content Writer: This is a spot for anyone who enjoys writing video game guides, walkthroughs, or FAQs. Your main responsibility here is to stock Zelda Eternity with content.


- Experience in writing documents, papers, or game guides.
- Good grasp on the English language.
- Good spelling/grammar.
- Large experience playing Zelda, though the experience does not have to be as large as the amount required for Video Specialist.
- All content must be ORIGINAL. Please do not send us and/or post (if you get the job) stolen work. If you copy any of your content, you won't be considered for the position you're applying for.
- While not required, a good grasp of HTML is a plus.
- Please realize that content writing can be an incredibly time consuming job. We're flexible with scheduling here, but please, don't start something that you can't finish.

To Apply: Please e-mail us by clicking here. Applications should include one example "Empty Bottles" guide. Please detail how to locate all of the bottles in any Zelda game. It doesn't matter if we already have one on the site for the game you want to write for, we just want to see your writing ability. If you need an example, click here.

To apply for a job here at ZE, please send us an application with the following information:

- Name (First name only is fine)
- Age (age is not a factor)
- Screen Name (your name on the interwebs)
- Preferred E-mail Address
- Job you're applying for
- Have you had any previous website experience?
- What game(s) do you want to write content for or take Video Walkthroughs of?
(For Content Writers or Video Specialists ONLY)
- Tell us why you want to work for Zelda Eternity
- Do you have any experience with HTML, CSS, or image editing programs like Photoshop?
- Anything interesting you feel like adding?

We recommend that you fill it out in detail, seeing that would tell us a whole lot more about you. It would also give us a better idea of how suited you are for the job you want. If you still have any questions on what the application should include, and how neat and professional it should be, you can look below at some example applications.

Example Applications
TERRIBLE Example: This example has a high chance of making the reader gag and/or vomit. Please keep our food in our stomach by not sending us something like this. Notice that this example has grotesque grammar, and it looks like the writer wrote it in under five minutes. If you send us something like this, there is a good chance that we will not respond.

Name: sup, im mike

Age: 19

Screen Name: hmrbro

Preferred E-mail Address:

Job you're applying for: conet wrter

Have you had any previous website experience? i post alot at ZD forum

What game do you want to write content for or take Video Walkthroughs of? mm cuz it awsome and sweet

Tell us why you want to work for Zelda Eternity: it a coo site and i like zelda

Do you have any experience HTML, CSS or Image Editing programs like Photoshop? no, but i good at pictures

Anything interesting you feel like adding? i like bacon and i am canadian

Yep... That was one hideous example. If it made you vomit we send our regards. Anyway, now for what an application should look like.

Good Example: In this example, the applicant (Mike) used average - though not perfect which was fine - grammar, and answered each question in detail. Unlike the other application, this one did not make the reader gag or spit out his guts. This is how an application should look; you will have a better chance of getting the job if you send us something like the following.

Name: Hello, my name is Mike and I am interested in a position here at Zelda Eternity.

Age: I am 19 years old, and have had several years to sharpen my skills at Zelda.

Screen Name: My screen name I typically go by is HmrBro, but I could could change it if you wanted me to.

Preferred E-mail Address: is my E-mail address. I also have one called (I check the latter more often).

Job you're applying for: I would prefer the content writer position, though I am good at writing articles and getting video game walkthroughs.

Have you had any previous website experience? I designed several websites before. I am pretty good with HTML and CSS - Oh, and I post on Zelda Wiki.

What game do you want to write content for or take Video Walkthroughs of? Majora's Mask. I think the idea of time is nifty. I'm good at speedrunning the game, and have a large amount of knowledge on it (You need to see me! I can get 100% in the game in only 6 hours - sorry if my boasting is rude).

Tell us why you want to work for Zelda Eternity: The site is so nice, and I enjoy helping everyone (Also, video games are fun - especially Zelda!).

Do you have any experience HTML, CSS or Image Editing programs like Photoshop? No... Sorry. I do have experience in Gimp though?

Anything interesting you feel like adding? Well, I must say I am very enthusiastic about getting the job, so I would prefer to give you a bit more detail regarding my experience.

First of all, I have been playing Zelda for several years, ever since I was a small 10 year old. I remember vividly receiving my first 80$ Majora's Mask cartridge and falling in love with it. From there, I began playing other Zelda games, such as the oracles, and MM's prequel, OOT. I played them all, and beat them easily. I felt that then it would be an appropriate time to put my Zelda skills to the test; so I started a website much like - but no where near as good as - this one. I quickly gave up on it due to homework bombardment. It was fun for the few months it lasted though!

Since then, I have simply been posting at Zelda Wiki and other Zelda sites. I honestly enjoy the game series, and have made it my mission to give others the same joy. That is the reason I applied here - at the epic website Zelda Eternity.

If you have any more questions, as in I carelessly left a few things out, then please tell me! I'll look forward to a reply!

- Mike

Now, whether you send a simple and concise application like the one right above, or whether you give us a long and detailed application explaining your life story is up to you. Just note that the applications/enlist process is strongly focused on your ability to write/record and communicate; whether or not we accept you also comes down to the sample writing/video.

End Notes
- Please try not to fret if we do not reply immediately. Depending on what we are doing for the site, it may take anywhere from 1-4 weeks before we reply. Also, please do not bombard us with "Did you get my application?" e-mails. We probably received your e-mail but just haven't replied yet.

- The jobs above are not as specific as they appear to be. If you want to be a content writer, but would also like to write articles and record video walkthroughs, then we will allow you to do it depending on your Zelda experience. The same works the other way around; if you are a content writer, but just want to write strategy guides for the site, that is fine as well.

- Skype is highly recommended as a means of communicating with the rest of the staff. (We do not use Oovoo, Pidgen, or AIM. Skype is a free program downloadable here.)

- If you would like to apply for a job not specified above (one you make up or feel is useful), then please tell us that in your application in the "Job You are Applying For" section.

- The information listed in the example application isn't true about ZE's webmaster. We simply made it up to show what a good application would look like.


Your Pals,

Zelda Eternity.