The Legend of Zelda

The Legend of Zelda, the game that set off the chain reaction to start them all. One of the best games, ever, in most gamers' books. Boasting some of the best graphics seen during its time and being among the first games to allow players to save their progress, the unique and revolutionary features this game introduced to the gaming world made it an automatic hit.

The Legend of Zelda basically set the plot for all of the Zeldas to come. In order to prevent Ganon from gaining the Triforce and taking over Hyrule, Princess Zelda split the Triforce into eight fragments and hid them throughout the land. Upon meeting and saving Impa from Ganon's henchmen, Link learns of Zelda's fate and embarks on his quest to collect the Triforce and save Hyrule from Ganon's evil grasp.

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Nintendo Entertainment System
October 22, 1987
February 21, 1986
November 27, 1987

Other Systems
Nintendo Gamecube
Game Boy Advance
Nintendo 3DS

Developer Info
Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo