The Minish Cap

The Minish Cap is a significant addition to the Zelda series. It was the first NEW Zelda game to hit up the GBA. It adds a huge load of information about Hyrule's legends. It also includes one of Link's new nemisis Vaati. This game has you constantly going through tremendous growth spurts, from 4 feet tall to like 7 inches.

Link is awoken one day by his Grandfather and Princess Zelda, his childhood friend (Or are they more then friends? hmmm) Zelda invites Link to go with her to the carnival. His Grandfather is fine with it as long as he takes the sword to the sword competition. After they have set out and enjoyed the carnival a little they go to the sword competition. Vaati, the winner, shatters the Picori Blade and turns Zelda to stone. Now Link must gather four essences of nature to fix the Picori Sword. But he can't do this alone...

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Game Boy Advance
January 10, 2005
November 4, 2004
November 12, 2004
April 7, 2005

3DS (Virtual Console)
December 16, 2011

Developer Info
Developer: Capcom, Flagship
Publisher: Nintendo