The Wind Waker

The Wind Waker is the first Zelda game to come out for the Gamecube. It features a very unique storyline and a brand new set of characters and items. It uses the 'Cel-Shading' graphical style, a style where 3D graphics are made to look like hand-drawn images. The Wind Waker played host to an enormous overworld....covered by an enormous, deep blue ocean.

Link begins this installment as a local islander on the island of Outset. The game begins on the dawn of his birthday, the day Link comes of age. As per tradition, Link now dons the familiar green tunic of 'The Hero of Time', given to him by his grandmother. Everything seems to be going great, however, soon, the day takes a turn for the worst. At around noon, Link spots something strange on the horizon. Link looks up and sees a huge bird carrying a girl! Down below a pirate ship is chasing them, launching cannonballs at the bird! Suddenly, one of the cannonballs smacks the bird right in the jaw, causing it to drop the girl! Link quickly grabs his sword rushes toward the spot where the girl was dropped. After fighting off a couple of monsters (things that had not appeared on Outset island before now), Link finds the girl. As they're both trekking back to the beach they came from, they meet up with Link's sister. Then, out of nowhere, the giant bird returns! It snatches up Link's sister and flies off! Now, Link sets off to track down the bird and save his sister. Grab your controller; it's time to set off on another quest.

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Nintendo Gamecube
March 24, 2003
December 13, 2002
May 2, 2003
May 7, 2003

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Developer: Nintendo EAD
Publisher: Nintendo